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First in the nation for supporting parents!

February 15, 2008


Parents Anonymous of South Carolina, located at The Navy Yard at Noisette, was recognized at the annual Parents Anonymous, Inc. National Leadership Institute in Washington, DC on February 5th as leading the nation with the most parent mutual support groups and children/youth programs with 117 groups throughout South Carolina.
For 30 years, the proven effective Parents Anonymous® prevention program serves the entire family through Parents Anonymous® Groups and Children’s Programs. Parents find a caring, supportive environment where they can learn new parenting strategies and create long lasting positive changes in their families. This vital community-based program includes weekly, free of charge Parents Anonymous® Groups which are co-led by parents and professional Group Facilitators trained in the Parents Anonymous® model. Parents can join a Parents Anonymous® Group at any time and attend for as long as they wish. While parents are meeting, their children and teens attend the Parents Anonymous® Children’s Program where they engage in a variety of rich, fun, hands-on activities that stimulate positive emotional growth and development. For more information, call Donna at 747-0480.

Congratulations on this fantastic honor!

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  1. Wilbur permalink
    February 18, 2008 11:45 am

    Awesome distinction !

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