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We got YERTified

March 3, 2008


Jim Augustin discovered YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) back in November of last year, and has been eagerly awaiting their arrival in Charleston ever since. YERT is three folks who are travelling to every state in the country during the course of one year, to learn about (and videotape and blog about) eco-innovations and unique green projects of all shape and size.

YERT (Mark, Ben and Julie) spent a few days in Charleston, and all day Monday learning about the Navy Yard, and talking to some of our Yarders, such as Chris Fisher (Fisher Recycling), Jim Shultz (, Jamison and Ryan Witbeck (Lost Trades), and a few members of the Lowcountry HUB Academy (HUB Academy).

Monday night, we all enjoyed an evening listening to stories about all the cutting-edge, odd, and fantastic things they’ve seen in the 33 states before South Carolina. It was really inspiring to hear from them how much great work is taking place across our country, all in the name of saving our planet and creating a quality of life for future generations that is as-good or better than our current standard of living.

Check out their website and see for yourself all the crazy, funny, and moving experiences they’ve had so far!

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