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Get on the Bus!

April 25, 2008

To celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd), and learn about all the eco-friendly businesses, organizations and people in the Charleston area, Charleston Young Professionals (CYP) gathered at the Navy Yard for the “Get on the Bus” tour and a green expo which followed. As we all know, Green is the color of the future, and this event provided attendees the opportunity to get caught up with all that’s going on here locally.

Attendees departed from 10 Storehouse Row upon the LEEP biodiesel bus, ready to learn about all the sustainable activity taking place in the 3,000-acre Noisette Community of old North Charleston. As tour guide, Noisette’s Jeff Baxter provided details and fun facts for tour-goers . Stops included Riverfront Park, Southeast Biodiesel, Mixson, and finally, 10 Storehouse Row. The fifty or so attendees really enjoyed learning about eco-activities and how to get involved.

Check out photos below, and stay tuned for next year’s Get on the Bus!

Stop at Riverfront Park, whose 3rd Annual Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition was being installed.

Stop at Southeast Biodiesel, where co-owner Jim Thompson educated the group about the alternative fuel. Unlike other alternative fuels, Southeast Biodiesel obtains its fuel from a poultry farm, not soybeans or any other crop.

Stop at Mixson, where David Kiernan walked the group through the streets of the new neighborhood, and highlighted its green features. Mixson’s set to be South Carolina’s largest LEED for Homes site!

The Green Expo at 10 Storehouse Row after the tour, sponsored by Mixson. Navy Yarders who exhibited include Fisher Recycling, Lowcountry Local First, Michaux Conservancy, Verdi Homebuilders, Southeast Biodiesel, and the American College of Building Arts. Also participating were Hunley Waters, Natural Awakenings, Corporate Express, Dwell Smart, OM Fuels, Oak Terrace Preserve, and West Ashley Toyota.

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