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A Cleaner Navy Yard

May 23, 2008

Yesterday, employees of the Navy Yard put on their work clothes and got their hands dirty, replanting the entrance planters (what used to be the McMillan and Virginia guard gates), and picking up litter along main thoroughfares.

Thanks to Brice, Bess, Erin, Roger, Anne Rone, Shannon, Jeff and Krenston, and most importantly to our gardener Jennifer Bremer and groundscrew Bennett and Sons for all the hard work! They weeded, planted a dozen Noisette Rose plants, spread pinestraw, and collected 8 bags of litter.

Next time you drive by the planters, take a sec to CAREFULLY stop and smell the roses! These types of roses are especially fragrant, and were created by horticulturalist Phillipe Noisette. The Noisette cultivar became very popular, gaining Phillipe recognition around the world, and a Creek in North Charleston named for him!

Check out the pics below of our beautification efforts!

The Work Crew

McMillan Gate – Before

Hard at Work!

McMillan Gate – After

Virginia Gate – After

Close-up of Noisette Rose

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