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Legislators railroading North Charleston?

May 7, 2009


The Noisette Company is developing the Navy Yard at Noisette that represents about 10 percent of the City’s 3,000-acre Noisette Revitalization Project.  The Company supports rail as a needed and responsible option at the port, but believes that access from the south is a better option as agreed by the City and the State six years ago.  In a May 5, 2009 letter, the Noisette Company provided key facts.  The letter to Sen. Glenn McConnell and Rep. Bobby Harrell says in part…..
“RE:    S351, §15 and Budget Proviso 4.38

Dear Mr. McConnell and Mr. Harrell:

We are writing to urge you to delete the two legislative proposals (referenced-above) that direct any railroad tracks or equipment existing on property that was once part of the former Charleston Naval Base to the ownership of the Division of Public Railways at the Department of Commerce (DPR). These legislative provisions 1) are not necessary to establish dual rail access to Charleston port terminals, 2) constitute a taking of private property that ultimately would prove expensive to the state, 3) could jeopardize the permits for the new port terminal and 4) may be impossible to implement because of property interests retained by the federal government.”

FOR A PDF VERSION of the entire letter, email

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