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Norfolk Southern Off-Track

May 27, 2009
Norfolk Southern's Loco, motive

Norfolk Southern's Loco, motivation

It is a mystery how Norfolk Southern came to believe that rail service through the middle of the Navy Yard is remotely possible. Who is behind this train?    There are enough rail crossings with stopped trains already.   The community will “stop at nothing” to get to the Riverfront Park and Navy Base Memorial.

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  1. Tom Fressilli permalink
    June 1, 2009 2:39 pm

    Horrible bit of planning, but I don’t think that the railroad itself initiated this plan! There’s got to be another set of Wizards behind the curtains that is responsible for the development of such an ill-conceived Rail Access Plan, that stomps all over other development plans that were set in motion long before the SPA finally decided on the old Navy Base for its next terminal! This is purely an end run, desperation, 11th hour move by the SPA and its supporters at the highest level in Columbia to get something for the terminal that should have been thought about a long, long time ago! After all, wasn’t both rail and truck access the very first things that the SPA tackled when it contemplated the Global Gateway over on Daniel Island? Why in heaven’s name is rail access just now showing its ugly head over on the North Charleston side of the Cooper River? If this is an example of the kind of leadership that runs the SPA, then the new Port Restructuring Bill is a solid step in the right direction to get their Board reconstituted so that the State will have more visibility into what it is currently doing and more importantly, where it wants to be in the future! As far as I am concerned, the Governor needs to sign that legislation immediately, because the sooner the better! Do I need to remind everyone out there that
    “while the clock ticks, Savannah, lurks”!

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