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NH 55 Gets Ready for Its Big Re-Debut.

September 1, 2009

We are excited to welcome the newest addition to the Navy Yard at Noisette community, Coleman-Snow Consultants! Their new home is going through an extensive rehab, and will be ready for its new occupants in the coming months. The building NH 55 has seen many faces over its lifetime and has served the Navy in a variety of ways. It was built back in 1944 as the S.O.Q. building, or Sick Officers Quarters. After years of faithful services,  the building underwent a major renovation the 1970’s, transforming it from Sick Quarters to the Legal Services Office. Today, this Navy Yard legacy is being revived once again to continue its life as a space in which civic services and business can continue to transpire.

Coleman-Snow Consultants is a South Carolina based company specializing in civil engineering consulting. They offer many services including, engineering, surveying, construction management, road design, utility coordination, maintenance of intelligent transportation facilities and construction engineering inspection services. The company is behind some of the most impressive infrastructure improvements in the region.



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