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The Many More Meanings of Noisette

September 16, 2009

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Most know that the name or our company and foundation is taken from the nearby Noisette Creek, and its namesake Philippe Stanislas Noisette, French botanist and renown hybridizer of roses,  1775-1835.
The original Mr. Noisette did not work in North Charleston, but his sons did, but that’s another story.

The Noisette name pops up all over the world.  Noisette is the name of:

Two different rock bands,

A software company

A former Gordon Ramsey restaurant in London

A medallion of beef or lamb

A thoroughbred racehorse

A Dwarf Rex Bunny

A coffee drink,   a noisette (espresso with a dab of cream)

Flavored coffee, candy, etc containing Noisette, which is “hazelnut” in French

A Boulangerie & Café in Port Melbourne, Austrailia

A fashion boutique in NYC,

A song and an album by the group Soft Machine, circa 1970

And most likely more.

Do you know any others?

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