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Say Hello to NFWAS…

September 21, 2009

Bio-Swale at Oak Terrace Presserve in North Charleston.

Who said Retention ponds need to be ugly? Even the name sounds ugly. With this in mind, I propose a new name and purpose: “Naturally Filtered Wastewater  Aquatic Systems.” When in place these systems will naturally remove harmful pollutants from runoff water, such has heavy metals like lead and copper.  They will reduce the amount of sediment that is deposited in our local waterways by trapping loose sediments and preventing erosion. Perhaps the most important function they can provide is a natural habitat for aquatic plants and animals to thrive. Below is a local example of a retention pond that was created to be a simple ugly hole in the ground but has now returned to a natural state, which is full of local flora and fauna. A lovely sight if I do say so myself.


Naturally maintained ponds paired with bio-swales and rain gardens make for an ideal trifecta. Our master plan extensively outlines the use of these methods to control water runoff, and has suggested their implementation across the Noisette Community. So stay tuned for a NFWAS coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

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