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The Future is Amaizing.

October 15, 2009

As a pedestrian walking north along Noisette Boulevard, your senses will be nearly overwhelmed. Smells of wildflowers and camellias will fill the air. In the distance, you can hear the chatter from the nearby cafe and Restaurant. You are even able to hear the jazz quartet that is playing for a small audience in a performance space near Storehouse row. As you walk, you look up to see trees growing from building roofs. Flowers flow gently over the edges. Where there was once a ditch next to the road, you now see a lush Bioswale. You stop for a moment, waiting for a turtle to head back to its home. The walk along Noisette Boulevard is an exciting experience, filled with the life of the most robust international cities. It is the ultimate artery in a pure live, work, play community. It has been built with the concepts Tripple Bottom Line Sustainability at its core; People, Planet, and Prosperity.

This is the future of the Navy Yard at Noisette.


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  1. Paul Wilczynski permalink
    October 17, 2009 10:35 am

    We can only hope.

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