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Faces of the Yard: Jamee Haley

October 27, 2009


Name? Jamee Haley

Occupation? Community Builder

What are you doing in this picture?
Speaking at the 10% Shift press conference with Mayor Riley, Mayor Summey, Councilman Joe Bustos of Mt. Pleasant and County Councilman Joe McKeown attending.

What is your favorite thing about your job? I get to work with people from farmers and what they’re up and many different types of business people. Just the wide variety of people I encounter every day.

If you could say something positive about the Navy Yard, what would it be? I think they Navy Yard has been a great supporter of non-profits. There have been many able to set up here due to the generosity of the company. It is also very convenient.

Favorite Weekend Activity? Going to the Farmers Market.

Song on your iPod we would be surprised to know you have?“Tire Swing” by  Kimya Dawson from the Juno Soundtrack

Favorite North Charleston Thing? River Front Park

Favorite Local Business or Non-Profit? Metanoia

Where would you like see your company in five years I would like to see a statewide initiative to promote local spending. I would also like to see the 10% shift we’ve been promoting show measurable economic impact. Also, that we would see an increase of local food coming into our communities.

What makes your company unique? We are the only non-profit strictly dedicated to supporting locally owned businesses and farmers and educating the community of on the economic and environmental importance of supporting local businesses, as well as, the social justice impact that can make.

Most Challenging Aspect of your work?
Probably to make people realize we are not a marketing company and although we are trying to encourage local businesses to support each other’s goods and services, we still function as a non-profit.

For More information of Lowcounty Local First, please visit:

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