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Faces of the Yard: Arianne King Comer, Textile Artist

November 4, 2009


Name? Arianne King Comer

Occupation? Textile Artist

What are you doing in this picture? I am Batiking with hot wax to make a design by hand.

What is your favorite thing about your job? I use it to communicate id educating kids and to express self-esteem in workshops, interpreting history, celebrating culture, and connecting the Sea Island Terrain.

If you could say something positive about the Navy Yard, what would it be? That it feels like a campus. Also, I am such a nature-buff I celebrate these ancient trees and that it’s here on the water.

Favorite Weekend Activity? My favorite is to have a gathering of artist for a potluck dinner.

Song on your iPod we would be surprised to know you have? Young country music talent.

Favorite North Charleston Thing? The North Charleston Cultural Arts Fair

Favorite Local Business or Non-Profit?
Mine- Enlightened Vision, which supports national and international artist on a local level.

Where would you like see your company in five years? I am in the midst of creating a Cottage Textile Industry which I would like to seem become viable and intertwined with local business and tourist markets.

What makes your company unique? Its celebrating the international use of Indigo.

Most Challenging Aspect of your work?
It’s a grassroots movement so its not that stable… passionate but not stable.

To see some of Arianne’s work, visit her site,

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