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John knott Speaks at National Conferences

November 10, 2009

This month, CEO of the Noisette Company John knott,  has Given several speeches at prominent national and international conferences “West Coast Green,” “Gaining Ground Summit: Resilient Citiesand the shoulder program at Simon Frasier University . As Master developer for the Navy Yard at Noisette, Knott shared his revolutionary theories that have guided him and his company in creating the ultimate of sustainable communities. What differentiates his ideologies from others, is the value Knott has placed on sustainability as a community approach rather than simply ‘Green’ building. He has developed and employed the concepts of “Triple Bottom Line” Sustainability as the guide for every aspect of the Navy Yard at Noisette master plan. This concept states, that in order to be truly sustainable, consideration of the bottom line, People, Planet, Prosperity, must be considered in every decision made.  Knott argues, that a community can never be truly sustainable unless the social needs of the community as whole are addressed. Knott states “Fundamentally, in the end we must build and design to heal our people if we want to save our place and planet.”

As a third generation builder Knott reflects on some of the lessons of his own those he has inherited from his fore fathers .

  1. We are not in the building business, but rather the Human Habbitat Business.
  2. We are not in the development business, but rather the Community Building Business.
  3. What I have learned over the the last 40 years:
  • Community and buildings are living and organic sytems.
  • Social and Enviromental health of our people is the most important task we have as proffesionals.
  • It is this health that is directly effecting our communities economic health.

The West Coast Green Conference is, according to its organizers, “… the premier conference on green innovation, gathers the brightest minds in green building, business, and technology.” This years conference drew over 9,000 people from 20 different countries. It is is one of the countries largest confrences focused on sustainability. The goal of the Gaining Ground/Resilient Cities Conference is to explore what is needed to make cities more “robust.” Other topics discussed include:

  • Innovation in sustainability governance and best current practices for managing sustainable urban systems;
  • capturing opportunities in the green economy;
  • strategies for building widespread sustainability collaborations that engage the community level.

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