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WPC is Officially Gold.

December 11, 2009

Currently the Navy Yards Greenest building, is officially Gold! WPC engineering’s building has officially received a LEED Gold certification. As this the certification process can be very tedious, this announcement represents a great success for WPC and is the first of many to come for the Navy Yard.

The Navy Yard PDD requires that all new development be certified as LEED Silver or higher. This requirement is representative of our commitment to become the countries largest sustainable development. Also represented in the WPC building is our requirement for buildings to have a public display of art. We invision the future of a Navy Yard as a vibrant place were art is avaiable for all. WPC has taken an interesting approach to meeting this requirement. As part of their daily operations, WPC test concrete cores for strength and quality. WIth all the leftovers they have created a visually appealing, continually growing, wall of the concrete cores.

Congratulations to WPC Engineering!


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