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Faces of the Yard: Peyton Avrett, Ole Charleston Forge

January 11, 2010

Name? Peyton Avrett

Occupation? Ornamental Metal Smith

What are you doing in this picture? I am hammering out spear points after they have been heated in the forge.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
We work a lot with other creative people, so speaking and working with other creative people is always interesting. It’s always neat to see others perspective in my medium.

If you could say something positive about the Navy Yard, what would it be? The whole vision I subscribe to. I moved my business up here, bought a house in Park Circle. It’s great to be a part of all that’s going on here (Navy Yard) and North Charleston. It’s great to be around all these like minded people.

Favorite Weekend Activity? Typically enjoy taking the kids to any one of the parks here. The new playground near the Greenhouse is great; it’s the best one of them all now.

Most embarrassing or surprising cd/Ipod song? I have always enjoyed the heavier music but that kinda makes sense for what we do. I can spin this the other way though…We got an ‘Elf on the Shelf this year’, and ours named Lola, and she came with a Cd, a horrid ‘Elf on the shelf’ CD and that’s been playing a lot in the car. Lola went back to the North Pole, but ‘Elf on the Shelf’ CD is still in the car! (1-7-09)

Favorite North Charleston Thing? East Montague and the whole downtown area is definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite Local Business or Non-Profit? Boeing.

Where would you like see your company in five years? Just steady growth. We still do a lot of the wrought iron work locally that you see downtown or on any of the islands,  and then we got the furniture line that produce out of time so I’d like to see more steady growth there, maybe in five years being in more new markets around the country.

What makes your company unique?
I sometimes describe it as a dead art form.. We’re still doing it but it is limited to what you see out there.

Most Challenging Aspect of your work?
The challenging part is working with other creative people in such a close relationship like we do, with designers and architects because were designers and they’re designers but were having to bring to life and interpret their visions, but also bring it to a point that’s plausible. Working together to find that balance and merger to find that balance and merger where we can create it is more difficult than actually producing it in some instances. The elements also can make it real difficult.

For more information on Ole Charleston Forge, visit there site;

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  1. January 12, 2010 3:02 pm

    Great Photo.

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