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Artistic Spirit Gallery Sale

January 29, 2010

I had a chance to meet Julie Klaper yesterday of Artistic Spirit.  What a great experience!  Their gallery is located inside 10 Storehouse Row at the Navy Yard at Noisette.  They sell original or visionary art by artists who are driven to produce as a form of self-expression.  The artists have a compulsion to create sometimes without knowing why and many times after a life-changing experience.  They function on the edge of society.  It is not boring and is open to interpretation.  My personal favorite was work by Mark Miller.  The detailed chaos is enchanting and I hope to add one to my collection soon.  The picture below is a jug from Stacy Lambert.  It is untitled but is referred to as Alligator Boy.  His bio and Mark Miller among many others is listed on their website.  The prices on the various works of art are affordable and practical but February is bringing some great deals.

The month of February is bringing us some great prices on some great works of art. Don’t miss out!

10% off $100-$200
15% off $201-$500
20% off $501-$1000
25% off $1001+

The offer applies to multiple or combined group/friend purchases in addition to individual purchases, so bring a friend! Appt only at or 843-579-0149

Please check the below website and browse their collection.

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