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Noisette Foundation Critical to Revitalization of Navy Yard and Surrounding Area

May 7, 2010

The Noisette Foundation is a catalyst for collaborative neighborhood redevelopment in North Charleston. The Foundation identifies local community strengths, listens closely to residents and promotes successful local projects. It studies persistent social problems and works to enhance neighborhood problems solving through research, advocacy and the development of relevant solutions.  The Noisette Foundation was formed in 2004 and after identifying specific community issues, provides support structure and framework for programs to tackle those respective issues.  The Foundation supports the vision set forth by the Noisette Community Master Plan.  This plan is a physical blueprint for building healthy communities.  The Noisette company partnered with the City of North Charleston and set forth a vision for “a vibrant, healthy city embracing its heritage and celebrating its role in the community, ecosystem and marketplace.” The Noisette Foundation ensures that this vision is kept and that no one is left out of the process.

The Nosiette Foundation has launched a new website.  We are proud of everything they and their associate programs have accomplished over the years and we look forward to the many more great things they will do for our community.  Check them out at

Additional Resources:
Noisette Community Master Plan –
Sustainability Report –

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