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West Yard Lofts Nearing Completion

November 10, 2010

Steady progress is apparent at the West Yard Lofts project as the estimated completion date approaches.  The goal is to be available for residency by the end of December.  The exterior facade is wrapping up as the interior construction is being completed in stages starting at the ground floor and moving up.  Curb and sidewalk are in place and paving is starting today for the streets and parking surfaces.  Infrastructure connections are being completed and exterior site clean up will soon take place.

West Yard Lofts is a new four-story 60-unit residential development offering affordable housing and is located at the Navy Yard at Noisette.  The first new development of a building in nearly two decades at the Navy Yard is a critical residential component of the revitalization of the area complimenting the existing industrial and commercial aspects of the community.

Applications for residents at West Yard Lofts are now being accepted.  Consideration for residency is income restricted and rents range appx from $450 for a one-bedroom unit to $550 for a two-bedroom and $650 for a three bedroom.


For more information on leasing opportunities:


  • email: or
  • phone: 843-793-3144

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    1. November 11, 2010 8:29 am

      The year was 1994. My first apartment was a $690 per month 500 sq ft efficiency in Arlington, VA. I was 23 years old with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University and a Masters Degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University. I was working for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Alexandrea, VA as an Operations Research Analyst my annual salary was $28,000 and by today’s standards I would have been considered low income, actually only $7,000 above being considered very low income. I would have qualified for an apartment at the West Yard Lofts.

      Affordable housing projects like the West Yard Lofts provide housing opportunities to many young professionals, like I was back in 1994, but also teachers, fireman, police officers, and nurses in our community who often do not make enough to afford a market rate apartment on their own. I believe we would all love to see some additional mixed use mixed income developments here on the base so that there are housing opportunities for all, but until that time we are celebrating the milestone that is the West Yard Lofts!

      • Sir Geoffrey permalink
        November 11, 2010 8:36 am

        Thanks for the comment. I agree. For true community revitalization to occur, a mix of residential products and price levels should be available. One income level should not dominate the other or push others out of the market. An economically diverse community is a sustainable community. West Yard Lofts is income restricted and is the first residential development to be constructed at the Navy Yard in decades. Currently, it is one of the only active apartment projects under construction in the Charleston area. Additional residential opportunities are the goal and you have to start somewhere.

        West Yard Lofts was initiated 3 years ago. When the real estate market collapsed in Fall 2008, the project was delayed. Almost every other market-rate, or luxury residential project was immediately halted or went into distress. The Navy Yard development team is pursuing market rate residential projects. As the market gradually recovers, there will be increasing demand for market-rate and luxury residential projects.

      • Bess Connell permalink
        December 25, 2010 4:00 pm

        So true. As a nurse who works for the VA I too would love to rent here, however, I make a little more than that so I am automatically disqualified to rent here. How about a moderate income rental? That way us “nurses” can also pay “affordable” rents. But I am really happy so far for those families who also Need a nice place to live.

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