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The Navy Yard Welcomes Biohabitats

January 31, 2011

Noisette Creek Preserve

The coastal marshes, barrier islands, winding rivers and long leaf pine forests are just a few of the ecosystems that surround us here in Charleston. These natural resources are not just part of our area’s beauty; they are part of what keeps us alive.

Good thing Biohabitats, the nation’s leading ecological restoration, conservation planning and regenerative design firm, just opened up an office here at the Navy Yard! Since opening its doors in 1982, Biohabitats has been conserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystems and reconnecting people to the land throughout North America.

Unlike traditional engineering firms that claim to “do environmental work,” Biohabitats’ entire business is dedicated to its mission to “restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship.”

Whether Biohabitats’ scientists, engineers, planners, and landscape architects are transforming an outdated stormwater management pond into a fully functioning natural wetland, helping a university plan for growth while enhancing the natural resources of its campus, collaborating with elders to restore rivers on tribal land; or regenerating beauty, vitality and ecological function along an urban waterfront, the solutions they create are based on an understanding that people, nature, commerce and culture are all inextricably linked. Biohabitats recognizes that nature is a dynamic force that affects people as much as it is influenced by their actions. That is why the firm approaches every project with the understanding that outcomes, such as a restored marsh or a sustainable master plan, are most powerful when they support whole, living systems that lead to ecological, cultural and economic benefits.

Biohabitats’ diverse clients range from government agencies and university campuses to land developers practicing sustainability and Native American tribes. What they all have in common is a desire to employ cutting edge green infrastructure and design.

Even the firm’s corporate structure is designed by nature. The new Low Country office, along with an office in Raleigh, NC, serves clients in the Southeast Bioregion, which spans both the Piedmont and Coastal Plain physiographic regions of the southeast U.S. Biohabitats’ other offices can be found in the Chesapeake/Delaware Bays Bioregion in Baltimore, Maryland; the Ohio River Bioregion in Louisville, Kentucky; the Great Lakes Bioregion in Cleveland, Ohio; the Southeast Bioregion in Raleigh, North Carolina; the Hudson River Bioregion in Glen Ridge, New Jersey and the Southern Rocky Mountain Bioregion in Denver, Colorado

Next time you are at the Navy Yard, stop by 10 Storehouse Row at 2120 Noisette Blvd., Suite 106B and say hello to Keith Bowers, president of this innovative firm. You can call Keith directly at 843.529.3235. An internationally respected landscape architect and restoration ecologist who recently represented the U.S. at the UN’s Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity, he’s also a heck of a nice guy and a great neighbor!

Update Feb 16 2011

Biohabitats announces acquisition of Natural Systems International

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