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The People Have Spoken! Submarines are Favorite Ship to come out of the Navy Yard

February 12, 2010

We conducted an online poll on this blog a couple of weeks ago asking everyone to vote for their favorite type of ship that has come out of the Navy Yard over the years.  The winner was submarine edging out the destroyers.  Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery would be happy 😉

Here’s some info from the Navy Memorial at Riverfront Park regarding the submarines:

The Navy’s SSBN (Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine) Force enjoyed a unique relationship with Charleston.  Operating from here with other submarines – The SS’s (Diesel Powered Subs) and SSN’s (Nuclear Powered Subs), These SSBN’s, each with a blue crew and a gold crew, relied on the Charleston Naval Complex to provide in a timely manner the vast array of weapons, supplies and training required for the successful conduct of their repetitive 70 day submerged patrols on the oceans of the world.  the first SSBN, the USS George Washington (SSBN 598), sailed from Charleston with her 16 Polaris missiles onboard in 1960.  By 1967, forty of her sister ships were at sea and until replaced by the Trident Submarines, these 41 SSBN’s and their Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine tender “Mother Ships”, USS Proteus (AS19), USS Hunley (AS31), USS Simon Lake (AS33) and USS Canopus (AS34), operating out of Holy Loch Scotland, Rota Spain, Guam, Charleston and Kings Bay, Georgia, comprised the Navy’s afloat strategic deterrent force during the tension-filled years of the Cold War.

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