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Faces of the Yard: Kelly Wenner, Jewelry Maker

November 19, 2009

Name? Kelly Wenner

Occupation? Jewelry Maker

What are you doing in this picture? Creating a real Evergreen Leaf Earring.

What is your favorite thing about your job? That I get to say what happens and when.

If you could say something positive about the Navy Yard, what would it be? I just really love the space. I always walk around and look at the beautiful scenery. The people here are beautiful too; everyone is so helpful with anything I need like advice on photography, technology, and accounting.

Favorite Weekend Activity? I like fishing, tennis, and just being outside in general.

Music interest that would surprise us? 
I really like hardcore Dance Hall Reggae. And I’ve been to 80 Widespread Panic shows.

Favorite North Charleston Thing? My friends and I like to ride our bikes from her house in Park Circle to the Mill or Madra Rua. It’s always really funny.

Favorite Local Business or Non-Profit? Low Country Orphan Relief

Where would you like see your company in five years?
I really want to be in Macy’s or Saks Fifth Ave.

What makes your company unique?
I would pretty much say that everything I do is unique. Nothing is mass-produced so no one will have the same necklace as you.

Most Challenging Aspect of your work? I guess the most challenging aspect of my work is just being really organized and planning my time to meet with all the stores I sell to. It’s also really challenging to come into work and need to be 10 different people, whether it’s being an accountant, to a graphic designer, to public relations, to marketing and sales, and the list goes on.
For More information on Kelly, visit her site

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