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Noisette Update for October 2013

October 8, 2013

The Noisette Company shares an update on the Noisette Community.  The update can be viewed here.

Noisette Update 2013

From the update:

Foreword from the Noisette Company

“The Noisette Company has always believed that the most durable communities are those that have developed a common vision, and that a truly sustainable culture starts with the health of our ecological, life support, and social systems as a highest priority.  We are proud to share the following update on Noisette and are thankful for all of the friends that have joined us on this journey in building a sustainable city – one that is socially just, respects our ecological systems, restores our intuitive understanding of our natural world and benefits our human health, while creating a sustainable economy that allows access and opportunity to all in the community.

The Noisette Community continues to progress and is in significantly better health then it was 12 years ago when we first launched.  The community has evolved and grown as it was designed to do.  The community truly galvanized behind a common vision for the future and continues to execute on that vision.  The tipping point has been reached, and the Noisette Company is proud of the community and all that it has accomplished.

During the project, one role of The Noisette Company was as catalyst; helping to grow the local capacity of partners to build a sustainable culture, to communicate the vision, lead planning efforts, and inspire others to invest their time and resources.  The number and diversity of partners that have joined us are key measurable outcomes of the success of our efforts.

It is with great pride that The Noisette Company announces a formal end to their involvement in the Noisette Project.  The Company will no longer be active in its Navy Yard roles as master developer, property manager and community builder.  The Company will no longer own real estate within the Navy Yard.  The face of ownership of Navy Yard property has been transforming for years, as was always intended, sparking additional private investment into the area.  The plan for the Navy Yard continues to adapt and grow, and the future remains bright.

While the Noisette Company did not have any real estate ownership interest outside the Navy Yard, the Company led the creation of the Noisette Community Master Plan for the 3,000 acre community.  The Noisette Master Plan and the CityCrafting process analyzed the condition and potential of the Noisette Community.  In addition, the Company designed and led the community-based planning and engagement process.  The Company desired to be the catalyst for change.  While the Company had direct involvement at the Navy Yard and Oak Terrace Preserve, one thing is clear, it has been a true community effort as developers, businesses and residents have invested in the vision of the Noisette Master Plan.  No matter who is developing projects within the Noisette Community, these projects are achieving success when judged against the principles set forth in the Master Plan and the Triple Bottom Line philosophy.

A sincere thanks to all of those that joined us on our journey and helped to create a common vision for the future.  A vision that is being executed upon and continues to evolve.  We look forward to following the progress and the next evolution of the Noisette Community.  We offer the following update to our Sustainability Report, an update that is by no means comprehensive but rather highlights some of the success stories, challenges and organizations that have been so vital to the progress of the 3,000 acre Noisette Community – a model for sustainable community revitalization.”

Download the pdf report here: Noisette 2013 (appx 22 MB file size)


[Updated 10/8/13 – This blog is no longer maintained]

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